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Our email list-building solution is, customized for both your existing customer base and new business prospects. We follow the GDPR and CCP policy and build an opt-in email list that includes specific and custom criteria of demographics as per your required target audiences. The demographics include job title, function, industry, company, education, interests, and more.

Our email list will help you to enhance your business relationship. We make sure that the email list is run through the suppression list, which allows you to send opt-in emails with the purpose of enhancing your business relationship. Investing in a high-quality email list can separate you from the competition and push your business to the next level and 2x higher engagement rate.

List Building

Campaign Creative

Our campaign creative solution team develops outbound email collateral reflecting your marketing goals. With the help of our in-house design and web- development team, we develop stunning landing pages and email templates with custom graphics and write original text to give your emails a professional and legitimate feel. We create these landing pages using the latest web technology that could be hosted on your domain or ours.

The creative can include email newsletters, high-value marketing collateral, and targeted white papers. Every piece of the email design and development gives a user-friendly experience that takes the client’s unique business needs and goals into account and drives better conversions. That way our emails can more effectively generate new leads, convert more customers, and maximize return on investment.

Once the campaign is design and the landing page and email templates are created we develop a highly targeted strategy for each client. We use highly certified marketing tools for sending out the email campaign. We upload an email list that is 100% accurate and relevant according to the client-specified target audience. Then the campaign is sent to the respected target list.

We closely monitor analytics for each email. We generate real-time reports that show how many times an email was opened, how many people clicked on the links in the email, we provide tracking, and list management tools to ensure maximum efficiency, deliverability, actionable statistics, and ultimately, how many leads were converted through running an email campaign. This helps to encourage customer loyalty, increase your revenue and ROI and repeat business.

Campaign Sending & Analytics

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